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Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a device that measures the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the surface of the object with a probe.

Portable CMM ARM

Portable measuring arms allow you to take measurements directly in the manufacturing environment, where process improvements are the most beneficial.

Laser Scanner

Effortless Productivity Through Advanced 3D Laser Scanning.Freedom of movement with the portable coordinate measuring machine ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner.

Zeiss Contura G2

Outstanding scanning technology, ZEISS CALYPSO reference software and a highly tuned overall concept enable ZEISS CONTURA to cement its place as the standard in its class.

Reverse Engineering

Explore how our reverse engineering services can help you build the best possible product.

On Site Inspection

The ability to offer laser tracker inspection, articulating arm CMM inspection and the ability to combine both for any extraordinary situation.

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