Contour Tracer

The contourecord 1600G automatically determines the type of element ( point, line, circle).

Carl Zeiss Contour Tracer

* Profile Synthesis Function ( merging of several different profiles)

The limitation on the analysis range due to the stylus angle are addressed with the synthesis function.

* Work piece Trace Function

This helps in pre determination of the work piece trace .Effective for measurement of minute profiles.

* Full CNC Programmable

Ensures improving the productivity as the contour profile can be programmed , right from measurement to analysis & report generation.

* CAD comparable

Measured profile can be compared one to one with the actual CAD data (IGES, DXF) for any kind of profile. Especially helpful for free form profiles

Machine Name Carl Zeiss Contour Tracer
Machine Name Contourecord 1600G
Application Industrial, Laboratory