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History of Autus Metrology

    Autus Metrology, Company started its Feb 2011 by young’s professionals . Company provides metro logical services. Our engineers having expertise in 3D CMM Inspection, Reverse Engineering, 3D Modeling and 2D Drafting, long range part inspection with carl zeiss CMM and blue light scanner.

    We provide skilled resources and subject matter experts for design engineering services across diverse industry segments. Over the years, our engineers have managed and supported some of the most demanding and prestigious projects in the automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery, medical equipment and consumer electronics. Our high quality technical resources work cohesively with core R&D teams at customer sites to effectively deliver new product designs and modifications.








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Autus Metrology shall Endeavour to pursue Innovation, Quality and Value-Added Growth with a view to emerging as a Global
Leader in the Automotive Industry.

With passion, pride and speed, we diligently communicate with our customers to deliver insightful automotive products and resources
that exceed their expectations.

1. Automotive Industry

2. Consumer Products

3. Heavy Engineering

4. Defense Industries

5. Oil & Gas Industries

6. Ship Building

7. Consumer Products

8.Industrial Equipment

9. Windmill Plants

1. Commitment

2. Importance to society

3. Honesty and integrity

4. Concern for environment

5. Teamwork and Knowledge Upgradation


Because We not only work for project completion. Our Company provide one of the best service and also work for customer satisfaction. Our Company giving 100% in our service and most of the popular client's connected with us. That's why we are Different.


Omkar Bhingole

Sumit Pokharkar