3D Blue Light Scanner

Blue Light Scanner Systems are comprehensive 3D optical measurement solutions, focused on improving engineering and manufacturing processes in automotive and other manufacturing industries.

Hexagon Aicon Blue Light Scanner

The AICON PrimeScan has a compact design: the base area equals a DIN A4 sheet, and the scanner weighs about 4 kg only. The working distance is short. Thus, the AICON PrimeScan is the ideal device for easy and uncomplicated scanning in special application areas, as for example on a desktop or in a narrow environment like industrial surroundings.

The scanner line AICON PrimeScan is equipped with blue-light technology for industrial applications and offers fixed configurations with different resolutions and measuring fields – the perfect solution for every measuring task.

High-resolutions sensor technology for maximum level of detail

Eight fixed configurations for most diverse measuring tasks

Scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pre-treatment

Applicable with photogrammetry

Machine Name Hexagon Aicon Blue Light Scanner
Measuring fields 50 mm and 700 mm
Make Hexagon(US)
Work Force 2 Persons