Our Working Sectors



Automotive Industry has been the pioneer in implementation of new technologies when it comes to the fields of manufacturing, testing, quality inspection and optimizing the product life cycle times. Metrology here plays a vital role by testifying various products, assemblies and hence adding value to the chain of producing customer ready precision products.



Aerospace has seen a continual growth for the last decades and is now a pioneer in harnessing the output from metrology in its product development and quality inspection stages. With highly complicated and near to reality prototypes, metrology is now an in trim procedural part of aerospace industry.


Ship Building(Marine)

Ship building is a highly complicated domain when it comes to manufacturing its every part and its usage in critial environmental conditions. For this A high level of accuracy and precision is required to prove the applicability and hence metrology with its advance measurement techniques aids in the design specifications finalization and chain of design and development.


Railways and Locomotives

Metrology finds its extensive usage in the measurement, inspection, alignment and calibration of components of railways and locomotives. Assembly fixtures, tooling and gauges can be assessed with the help of advance metrological tool sets and equipments.




Oil and Gas

For companies operating in the oil and gas equipment-manufacturing sector, recordkeeping and traceability are vital. With metrology and its advanced equipments in 3D scanning and laser tracking these requirements can be easily met .