VMM Inspection

ATQ VMM Machine

We takes system design into consideration the accuracy, repeatability and reliability of measurement results. Therefore granite was used for the XY stage and the Z axis column. OLM is suitable for shop floor operation. It provides fast, accurate measurement for both routine and complex parts. The system can be completed with multi sensor capability.

• Powerful 2-axis non contact Auto focus video measuring machine

• Full HD camera with high image quality

• Highly stable granite structure

• Precision Measuring stage

• High Precision Linear encoder with 0.5μm resolution

• Advanced LED light sources

• Semi-Automatic playback of programs

Machine Name ATQ VMM
Models EX 300
Dimension(mm)(L x W x H) 600 x 740 x 980
Measuring Rang(mm)(X x Y x Z) 300 x 200 x 200
Measuring Accuracy (μm) 2.5+ L/100
Repeatability(μm) 2.5
Weight(Kg) 190 kg
Linear Scale resolution 0.5 μm
Driving System X,Y axis manual control, Z-axis Automatic & AUTO FOCUS
Illumination LED light for profile & surface.