Mechine Specification

Model Name : Contura G2

Machine Size : X-1000, Y-1600, Z-600 mm

Make : Zeiss(GERMANY) 2018

Work Force : 2 Persons

Software Used : Calypso

Accuracy : 1.8 micron

Temprature : 20°± 1°

Machine Table : Granite Material

Mechine Features

  • 1. All axes are equipped with four-sided Carl Zeiss air bearings to provide more stability and very precise measurement.
  • 2. Ceramic guideways are thermally stable— temperature fluctuations have practically no influence on the reliability of the results.
  • 3. The optional, integrated change rack ensures high repeatability and reduces the need for recalibration.

Zeiss Contura G2

    CONTURA G2 RDS and CONTURA G2 AKTIV : The CMM that brougth active scanning to small and midsize manufacturers has been redesigned from the ground up to offer greater flexibility and better accuracy.

    High-speed scanning is the accepted standard for leading-edge performance in precision measurement. Scanning not only saves precious time by capturing large data quantities in a shorter time and increases measuring reliability to improve your part production, but it also permits you to pinpoint production problems. In solving these problems, product quality and reliability will improve.

CONTURA G2 RDS and CONTURA G2 AKTIV allow you to choose the VAST technology that best suits your applications:


1. Designed for measuring special features, lots of angles, and needing very small styli.

2. Best-in-class ZEISS RDS articulating probe holder that can reach 20,376 positions in 2.5º increments.

3. Articulating scanning with the VAST XXT.

    You won't find a more versatile technology than the RDS. The best-in-class articulating probe holder makes it possible to reach virtually all spatial angles with an extremely large number of discrete positions. This is especially beneficial for measuring intricate parts that normally require probes configured for many spatial directions. A part is checked using only one probe and one clamping setup. Few probe combinations means simple parts programming, increased throughput rates and reduces idle time.


1. Designed for measuring deep features, self-centering, displaced conditions such as reference systems or position errors, and high throughput needs.

2. ZEISS Active Scanning with VAST XT for multi-point measurement of size, form, and position.

    For active single-point measuring, configure the CONTURA G2 AKTIV with the high-performance DynaTouch (DT) sensor. For the benefits of ZEISS Active Scanning, select VAST XT.