Mechine Specification

Machinery : Romer Absolute Arm

Machine Size : 2.5mts

Make : Hexagon(US)

Work Force : 2 Persons

Portable CMM Arm

Autus Metrology use portable Arm of hexagon company. And the machine name is Romer Absolute Arm.

        The ROMER Absolute Arm represents Hexagon Metrology’s expertise in portable CMMs. Mobility, stability, low weight and highperformance laser scanning packages make it an all-purpose 3D measurement tool. Absolute encoders, which assign an absolute value to each position of the arm, are a unique feature. Initialization is not necessary. Simply take the measuring arm to the part, switch it on and start measuring.

        A ROMER portable measuring arm is a good investment. The time required to train users is minimal. Even inexperienced personnel will produce reliable measuring results in a short time due to the user-friendliness of the ROMER Absolute Arm. Inspection and control throughput is increased dramatically, and because the ROMER Absolute Arm helps to ensure quality, there is a fast return on investment. The ROMER Absolute Arm increases productivity and minimises off-spec production – in the long run and with absolute efficiency

Autus Metrology use Probing Scanner machinery of Romer Absolute Arm.

Model :7312, 7512

Measuring Range : 1.2m/3.9 ft, 1.2m/3.9 ft

Point Repeatability : 0.014 mm/0.0006 in, 0.010 mm/0.0004 in

Volumetric Accuracy : ±0.025 mm/0.0010 in, ±0.020 mm/0.0008 in

MPEp : 8 µm, 6 µm

MPEe : 5+L/40≤18 µm, 5+L/65≤15 µm

Arm Weight : 10.2kg/22.5 lbs, 10.8kg/23.8 lbs

        The Absolute Arm Compact is the ultimate solution for ultra-high-accuracy touch probe measurement of small-to-medium sized parts. Fitting easily on a workshop table or under a CNC machine, the Absolute Arm Compact is the height of portability and usability. It boasts the same definitive features as the flagship Absolute Arm, from Absolute Encoders in every articulation joint that eliminate warm-up and referencing to WiFi and battery operation options that allow easy repositioning and no messy cables across the workshop floor.