On Site Inspection

On Site Tools Available

Laser Tracker – With the ability to measure from 0 to 100 feet, the compact design allows for fast and accurate measurement. Uses include inspection, alignments, and reverse engineering. Advanced software allows inspections that compares to CAD data directly.

Articulating Arm CMM –This 8 foot diameter measuring range allows for inspection of large pieces. The portability, as well as options such as magnetic mount, allow for fast and accurate measurements to be taken. Like the laser tracker, advanced software allows inspection directly to CAD models as well as reverse engineering.

Laser – Arm Combo – The combo can be added in the same coordinate system. The arm can measure aspects that are not “line if sight.” This combination allows access to information that before was virtually impossible to obtain.

Renishaw Ml10x Laser System – The system is used with accessories to measure flatness, linear, and squareness. The tool’s high accuracy make it useful for many exacting applications, including CMM mapping and machine cutting tool alignment.

Instrument Calibration –TIC-MS, Inc. offers calibration and certification of laser trackers and articulating arm CMMs. As an A2LA accredited facility, with years of experience, TIC-MS, Inc. is the right industry choice.